Heritage and Heirloom Organic Seed Catalog : Salt Spring Seeds

Oat Seeds

Packets contain an ounce or more.

We are currently offering 3 varieties of Oat Seeds.

New, Vicar Hulless Oats ($3.50)

(Avena sativa.) First registered Canadian hulless oats, dating back to the 1940's. Grains slip easily from the hulls. Grows to about 3.5 feet.

Hulless Oats ($3.50)

A high-yielding cultivar usually growing to over 4 feet. Easily threshed. Can overwinter on the coast. Sow early spring or in Sept/Oct to overwinter.

Rodney Oats ($3.50)

(Avena sativa.) Canadian heirloom with big thick stems and resistance to lodging. Grows to 4 feet. Late to mature. Not a hulless variety.