Heritage and Heirloom Organic Seed Catalog : Salt Spring Seeds

Paste Tomato Seeds

So many possibilities for soups, salads, sauces and stews! Feast your taste buds on these.

Seed packets contain 20 or more seeds.

We are currently offering 7 varieties of Paste Tomato Seeds.

Costoluto Genovese » certified organic ($3.50)

Italian paste tomato from the 19th Century. Heavily lobed, deep-red, 8 ounce fruit. Stellar flavour is intense and acidic. Fantastic for sauces and pastes. Continues to produce in cool weather.

Italian Stallion ($3.50)

A very dense and heavy paste tomato, worthy of its name. The fruits are orange-red, large and often multi-lobed. Bushy plants require a sturdy cage or stakes to hold the huge volume of fruit produced.

San Marzano ($3.50)

Plum tomato named after the region of San Marzano near Naples, Italy. Traditionally the tomato of choice for the best flavoured tomato sauce. Prolific late producer.

Speckled Roman - Paste Tomato ($3.50)

Beautiful, 4-5" long pointed, paste tomato with red and yellow streaks. Abundant, meaty, delicious tasting fruits w/ few seeds. Great fresh & for sauces. Vines grow to 6ft. Indeterminate.

Ardwyna Paste ($3.50)

Long, fat, tapered and slightly ribbed fruit. Meaty flesh. Few seeds. Great fresh flavour and excellent for sauce and canning. Grow well in large containers and greenhouse. Early and abundant production.

Maria's » certified organic ($3.50)

High yielding rare Hungarian heirloom. Meaty, with fine flavour. Good dual purpose tomato for paste, canning or fresh eating.

Roma ($3.50)

Probably the best-known Italian paste and canning tomato. Vigorous, hardy, compact determinate vines. Firm, meaty, pear-shaped fruit, up to 200 per plant. Few seeds. Wilt resistant.