Heritage and Heirloom Organic Seed Catalog : Salt Spring Seeds

Climbing Pea Seeds (Pisum sativum)

Peas thrive in areas with extended springs and can be grown in shady locations where summers are hot.

Peas are self-pollinated, so save some of your harvest for next year's planting.

Packets contain 50-70 seeds.

We are currently offering 15 varieties of Climbing Pea Seeds (Pisum sativum).

New, Swedish Red ($3.50)

Incredibly productive and delicious dry pea. Unusual claret-coloured seeds turn chocolate brown on cooking. Vines climb to 7 feet and more. 15 pounds per 50-feet of trellis. Also called "Biskopens".

Amish Snap Pea » certified organic ($3.50)

This popular heirloom is juicy, crisp and sweet. 6-8 ft. A favourite of Salt Spring Seeds. 60-70 days. Originally from Lancaster County, PA. Great both raw and steamed.

China Snow Pea » certified organic ($3.50)

Delicious, climbing, medium-sized edible-pod variety. Very hardy and sometimes survives a west coast winter. Also makes a fine soup pea.

Pearl Soup pea ($3.50)

Highest yielding pea, climbing to 6 feet and over. Smooth round creamy white pea with a rich, delicious flavour.

Peulches Edible Pod Pea ($3.50)

Old Dutch, relatively frost hardy heirloom variety. Early producer until August when the pods lose their sweetness and become tough. Small pods great in stir fry and medium sized ones are excellent fresh.

Schweizer Riesen Pea ($3.50)

An old Swiss heirloom meaning "Swiss Giant". Vigorous, sturdy 6ft+ vines produce beautiful purple/pink bicolor blossoms with a seemingly endless harvest of large, tender, tasty, sweet snow peas.

Green Arrow ($3.50)

English heirloom fresh shelling pea that climbs 6-8 ft. Heavy yields of long slender dark green 4 inch pods containing sweet, tender peas with great flavour. Excellent for canning and freezing.

The Pilot » certified organic ($3.50)

An excellent climbing, shelling pea, that is great fresh or frozen. Growing up to 6-7 ft.

Calvert » certified organic ($3.50)

Very fine climbing edible-pod pea of French origin. Awesome large 4-5" long pods, tender from beginning to end of season. Dried pea has a great beany flavour when cooked.

Brazilian Pea ($3.50)

Largest of the edible-pod peas. Bug-resistant pods. Pods stay moist when drying down and need thorough drying to thresh. Great for stir fries. Best when pods are full. Stays succulent a long time.

Snack Pea Mix » certified organic ($3.50)

The variation in sweetness, texture and maturation of these edible-pod peas will provide snacking material over an extended picking time. Great in salads, stir-fries or eaten right in the garden. These are all staking peas that will climb 5-8 ft. They are all good soup peas.

Golden Edible Pod ($3.50)

Unusual yellow pods that are good eaten young, either fresh or stir-fried. Wonderful soup pea. Pink flowers that turn bluish. Usually growing to 6 feet or more.

King Tut Soup Pea ($3.50)

Robust climber with fragrant pink and purple blossoms followed by vibrant purple pods. Excellent soup pea and also a great shelling pea.

Carlin ($3.50)

Round, golden brown soup pea from England traditionally eaten during lent on Passion Sunday, the Sunday before Palm Sunday. Fine flavour. Huge yields. Has been grown for over 600 years dating back to the English medieval monasteries. "The Medieval mushy pea!"

Australian Soup Pea ($3.50)

Small, squarish brown soup pea with excellent flavour and texture. Prolific, high yielding, vigorous plants climbing to 5 feet.