Heritage and Heirloom Organic Seed Catalog : Salt Spring Seeds

The Zero Mile Diet Seed Kit

$46 a Kit

This kit is for gardeners or groups of gardeners eager to become more self-reliant in food. The 13 seed packets contained in it are Red Fife Wheat, Purple Barley, Hulless Oats, Wren's Abruzzi Rye, Golden Flax, Quinoa, Amaranth, Heritage Bean Mix, Carlin Soup Pea, Winnifred's Garbanzo, Russian Kale, 20 Lettuce Blend, Ardwyna Paste Tomato. Included in the box, apart from the seeds, is a 20-page comprehensive growing and recipe guide. A treasure trove of possibilities for the ardent grower!

From the introduction in the Guide:

The beans, grains and other seeds in this Kit could help you grow most of your own food.
   If you are living on a piece of farmland, you could easily grow them all and get a rich and diverse harvest. By combining them with locally grown vegetables, fruits and nuts, you could become close to 100 per cent self-sufficient in food.
   In an urban environment, you could sow these seeds with family, friends and neighbours as you convert lawns into gardens. One family might have a shady spot for growing greens or peas while someone else could have a hot spot for growing beans and soybeans. City blocks could garden together whereby many households could create a shared food harvest and thereby lessen reliance on food coming from elsewhere.

NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE! EMail us if you'd like to see us get these back in production.