Amaranth Seeds (Amaranthus hypochondriacus)

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Amaranth is a warm weather crop best sown around the same time as corn. The large flowerheads put on a magnificent display for several months. In early autumn, harvest seeds by either shaking seedheads into a bucket, or by collecting heads and rubbing them through screening over a large container.

The tiny, protein-rich (15-16%) seeds can be popped, sprouted, toasted on a skillet, ground into flour or cooked whole.  We usually do the latter, simmering the amaranth in an equal volume of water for ten minutes.

Amaranth leaves are succulent and nutty when eaten raw for the first few weeks and make superb cooked greens until late summer.

Amaranth will cross with Red-rooted Pigweed, a common garden weed.

Packets contain many hundred seeds.