Seed and Plant Sanctuary for Canada

The Sanctuary began in 2003 out of our desire to not lose many excellent plant varieties that don't make it into SSSeeds catalogue. We formed the Salt Spring Sanctuary Society as a charitable organization dedicated to the health and vitality of the earth through the preservation and promotion of heritage seeds. It is committed to maintaining, evaluating and keeping databases for all the edible, medicinal and useful crops that can be grown in Canada. These databases, along with information about saving seeds can be perused at www.seedsanctuary.com

Salt Spring Island, on the coast of B.C., is the place where gardeners and farmers are growing out seeds for the Sanctuary. We're also beginning to have many active grower/members across Canada. It is essential to see how varieties do in other parts of the country and through a lot of growing years. Grower/members will be crucial back up in case of crop failures, fires, floods or genetic contamination here on Salt Spring.

You can become an active member of Salt Spring Sanctuary Society for $20 a year.

You can also becoming a supporting member and help the Sanctuary out with important seed money. We are a charitable organization and will send you back a receipt for income tax purposes.

By becoming a member of the Seed and Plant Sanctuary, you help to preserve Canada's rich diversity of food and medicinal plants in a time when our agricultural heritage is threatened more than ever.