Saving Seeds As If Our Lives Depended On It by Dan Jason


This book is divided into four parts, all part and parcel of my urging you to partake in the responsibility and the joy of saving seeds.

Part 1 is a personal overview of how seed affairs have gotten to be what they are. This section is an encapsulation of twenty years of observing the seed world while participating in it as a mail order seed company.

Part 2 has some thoughts I now have about seeds and some of the background experiences that led to those thoughts. I'm hoping this section excites you to the possibilities of what might be in store for you if you take The Seedy Road.

Part 3 is a beginner's guide to saving seeds.  Saving seeds is simple, easy and straightforward.

Part 4 lets you know that the revitalization of seeds is already a social movement. Beyond actually growing seeds, there are many ways to participate effectively in the preservation of our seed heritage.

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