Year-Around Harvest: Winter Gardening on the Coast. 2nd edition. 2010. 70 pages


This is an newly updated edition, packed with tips on how to keep fresh food on the table all year.

This manual fills a gap in the gardening literature by showing how gardeners in the mild climate of the West Coast can enjoy fresh vegetables and fruit all year. The emphasis is on how to grow over 30 kinds of hardy salad greens, root crops and other vegetables that can be harvested directly from the garden, fall through spring (without a coldframe or greenhouse). The author describes how to choose varieties for the longest harvest, when to plant each crop and gives simple methods for protecting crops during cold snaps. She also covers planning winter crops to fit in with summer planting schedules to make the most efficient use of garden beds.

The manual includes a chapter on curing and storing methods for summer grown vegetables and fruit that keep well for fresh eating over the winter. There is a chapter on managing common pests organically and a chapter on simple methods for saving and storing seeds. Rounding out the contents are lists of references and seed suppliers, an index and an 'A-to-Z' section with cultural details for key winter crops.