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Heritage & Heirloom Organic Seed Catalog 2014

Welcome to Salt Spring Seeds’ website and online heritage and heirloom seed catalog.

Dan Jason, Organic Gardener

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions have to do with growing and saving the seeds of our speciality crops. If you go to the menu on the left and click on All About Peas, Beans, Quinoa and Amaranth, you are likely to find the information you are looking for!

We also have explicit short videos of friends and myself harvesting and processing seeds of many of our crops. Check them out!

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Photo Courtesy of John Cameron

This is our 27th year of promoting a safe and sustainable, local agriculture. It is very gratifying to now see so many individuals and communities across Canada embracing this concept! We hope that some of the vegetables, beans, grains and herbs in this catalogue will help you to become more self-reliant in food and medicine.

All our seeds are untreated, open-pollinated and non-GMO. We grow all our own seeds and sell only our most recent harvest. As is true again this year, we write the printed and online catalogues in December after we've cleaned and evaluated all our seed crops from the year before. December is also the month when we package the seeds. Most of our seeds are mailed from mid-January to mid-May but we fill orders year-round and usually within a day or two of receiving your requests.

Certified Organic? This catalogue comprises seeds from ten gardens and farms. All seeds are organically grown but only two farms are officially so. Varieties that are certified organic are indicated as such.

This online seed catalogue is a much-expanded version of our printed one. I've included information and personal comments that would be too expensive to print on the 7000 copies we mail out. We also list some varieties here that we have in limited amounts because we can indicate when they are sold out. We'd be happy to mail you the printed seed catalogue for $2. We are also happy to answer your phone calls but we don't accept orders over the phone. For 2014, our method of payment is still a cheque or money order through the mail or PayPal online.

I recently had a documentary done on me-Gardens of Destiny with Dan Jason
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Dan Jason, Organic Gardener

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The Seed and Plant Sanctuary for Canada is a project that grew out of Salt Spring Seeds. We are starting to have a cross-Canada network of members. There is more information about the Sanctuary at www.seedsanctuary.com

This year we have a special section at the bottom of the menu: The Emporium. Salt Spring Island not only has a lot of great seed growers but also many awesome herbalists. If you check out The Emporium, you'll find highest quality teas, tinctures, lotions, creams, salves, salts, seasonings, ointments and oils.

Thank you for supporting small agriculture. Best wishes for happy sowing and great growing in 2014!
Dan Jason

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