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Heritage & Heirloom Organic Seed Catalog 2017

Photo Courtesy of John Cameron

Welcome to Salt Spring Seeds’ website and online heritage and heirloom seed catalog

Dear U.S Customers, Because of new Customs regulations, we regret we can no longer send seeds to the United States.  (Mar 27/17)

This is our 30th year of promoting a safe, sustainable and local agriculture. It is very gratifying to now see so many individuals and communities embracing this concept! We hope that some of the vegetables, beans, grains and herbs in this catalogue will help you to become more self-reliant in food and medicine.

All our seeds are organically grown, untreated, open-pollinated and non-GMO. We grow all our own seeds and sell only our most recent harvest. We fill orders year-round and usually within a day or two of receiving your requests. 

We are pleased to be offering over 80 seed varieties that are New for 2016 and 2017 and would appreciate feedback from those of you who try some of them.

My new book is now available and listed in the Books & DVDs. It's called The Power of Pulses: Saving the World with Peas, Beans, Chickpeas, Favas and Lentils. With all the talk about how to address climate change, what is rarely mentioned are the foods we eat and the ways we grow them. Yet industrial agriculture is responsible for over 50% of greenhouse gas emissions. I have posted my Foreword to the book to give you an idea of what to expect.

As of January 18, I have another new book, even though I wrote it 45 years ago! It is a forager's guide to edible and medicinal wild plants that is called Some Useful Wild Plants. It went through 7 editions in the 1970s and now has been updated and reprinted. You'll find it under Books & DVDs.

Number of Seeds in a Packet.  Click on any of the crops on the left side menu and you'll find the number of seeds in a packet at the bottom of the page. We never get complaints about not enough seeds!

Printed Catalogue.  We'd be happy to mail you the printed seed catalogue for $2.

Phone orders. Sorry but we don't yet accept orders over the phone. You can send a cheque or money order through the mail if you don't wish to pay online. If so, you can choose the Pay By Cheque option after you've selected all your seeds.

Overseas Orders?  We send our Overseas orders airmail through Canada Post.

Questions? I usually answer emails and phone calls the day I receive them. dan@saltspringseeds.com  1-250-537-5269

Thank you for supporting small agriculture. Best wishes for happy sowing and great growing in 2017!
Dan Jason