Plant Photos / Seed Giveaway

Are you one of our customers? Do you take photos of your garden? We would love to add to the photos of our plants on our website - send us your photos and for each plant you photograph that we add or feature on social media we will provide a discount code for a bonus packet of seeds in your next order!

How It Works

  1. Browse the store for things you've purchased and grown
  2. Find plants with few, or small, or not awesome images (e.g. Margaret Mckee's Baking Pea)
  3. Take photos of the plant in your garden
  4. Do not resize your images smaller, or apply filters
  5. Name the image file(s) (e.g. 'margaret-mckees-baking-pea1.jpg', 'margaret-mckees-baking-pea2.jpg'
  6. Send an email to our web person with your images attached
  7. If your images are chosen you will be emailed a discount code that you can use with your next purchase for a free packet of seeds

* Yes, you may send multiple photos for multiple plants. You will receive one discount code for each plant we choose.

* If you use Instagram let us know your handle as well, if you'd like us to tag you!

Thanks in advance!

Photo Examples: