Soybean Seeds (Glycine max)

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Soybeans are drought-tolerant, nitrogen-fixing plants that enrich the soil. They grow on short bushes to about knee high and are planted and harvested similarly to bush dry beans. A loose well-drained loam is what soybeans like best, but they do well in a wide range of soil conditions.

Unlike almost all available soybeans, ours have not been contaminated by genes from Roundup Ready soybeans. Rest assured the varieties listed below are all NON-GMO.

Soybeans can be used at the shell stage when the seeds are just starting to plump the pods. Steam unshelled pods for 5 minutes, put them under cold water and squeeze the beans out. A taste sensation in July and August, and they freeze well.

We specialize in soybean cultivars that make delicious cooked dry beans. Our varieties (and yours if they become your own homegrown beans) take about 90 minutes at a low simmer to cook.

(Packets contain 25 or more seeds)