Barley Seeds

Barleys tolerate cooler conditions than wheat and mature earlier. We harvest our barleys in late June or early July. They can be overwintered in many places or sown as soon as the soil is workable in the new year.

Most barleys have long awns above the seedhead, giving the plants a graceful nodding effect that makes them attractive both in the garden and in dried flower arrangements.

We offer both "hulled" and "hulless" varieties: The hulless varieties, unlike the generally hulled commercial ones, have very loose hulls easily removed by rubbing. Hulless barleys have great potential for the home garden. They are hardy, carefree crops that provide hearty and satisfying food.

Saving your own seed: As with wheat, what you eat (or rather what you don't eat) is what you sow.

Packets contain one Tablespoon or 300+ seeds
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