Calendula Mix (Calendula officinalis)


Sometimes called Pot Marigold, Calendula is an annual with light-yellow-to-orange blossoms that brings sunshiny brightness to gardens for most of the year. Usually about two feet high, it has coarse surfaces and many branches. The leaves are oblong, without teeth or with small inconspicuous teeth. They are three to six inches long. The flower heads are from two to three inches across and have several rows of ray florets and a central cluster of tubular flowers. Calendula blossoms appear about six weeks after planting and will keep blooming until the first snows. This is an electric mix of yellows and oranges. An extremely hardy plant that flowers here even in winter. Often used in skin lotions. Flower petals are a special salad addition. Stagger plantings for continuous display. Self-sows readily.