Dyeing with Coreopsis Tinctoria

Harvesting for Dyeing

24 plants give enough flowers to dye one pound of wool or silk
harvest flowers when in full bloom or just before they fade
dry flowers until ready to dye
store in a breathable container (cardboard box) in a dry area

Preparing Yarn for Dyeing

All fibre must be prepared with a mordant to help the dye “bite” onto the yarn. Alum obtained from the grocery store in the spice section can be used. Follow these directions to mordant the yarn:
weight the yarn
use 10% alum to weight of yarn
mix alum in hot water to dissolve
soak yarn and wring out so it is wet when added to the alum bath
add enough water to the alum bath to cover the yarn
simmer for 1 hour
let cool and wring out

Preparing Dye Bath

amount of flowers should be pound for pound with amount of yarn
soak the flowers in hot water for 24 hours
simmer for 1 hour, cool
strain out the flowers

Dye the Yarn

add the wet, mordanted wool to the dye bath, add more water if necessary. Yarn should be covered with water. Bring to simmer.
simmer for 1 hour, let yarn cool in the dye bath
rinse and SURPRISE! you are never sure of exactly what colour you will get, but it will be some lovely yellow.