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Kairos Botanicals is run by Rupert Adams who has been growing Ayurvedic, Chinese, European & indigenous PNW herbs for nearly a decade with the guidance and support of Dan Jason of Salt Spring Seeds. The herbs are grown for medicinal uses and for their seeds, the latter being offered in the Medicinal Herb section of the on-line and printed catalogues.

Kairos Botanicals is a not-for-profit business, aiming to provide quality ecologically grown medicinal herbs, their seeds and medicine at affordable prices. It is run as an ecologically and socially responsible business, with the main intention being healing on all levels.

Tinctures are made from herbs either ecologically grown on Salt Spring Island, locally wild-crafted, or, for the more exotic herbs challenged by the West Coast climate, sourced from reliable, ethical, certified organic growers. Kairos Botanicals produces all of is tinctures and tonics using certified organic sugar cane ethanol, one of the companies to do so in North America.